Cabin Time and an Announcement.

Hello, World.

For the last few days I’ve been at my cabin, drinking coffee bundled in oversized sweaters, cuddled on the couch while watching Scandal. It was relaxing, and I appreciate those moments with my family so much. There wasn’t much snow on the ground, unfortunately, and I sure hope that it starts snowing like crazy between now and the end of march or so. I love cold weather, but it’s a little late this year. Anyway, I have an announcement. I’ve decided to change this blog’s URL to from I did this because this blog is entitled, Bottled Creativity, and I wanted it to be easier to find. I also didn’t want my name as a URL. When I originally chose to start a blog, I didn’t mean to make the URL my name, but I just never could figure out how to change it. So, after some research, I figured it out, and changed it. It’s changed on all my social media, but fear not if you have my old link saved or bookmarked (as I know my mom does). Now whenever you click or type into your search engine, you will automatically be redirected to this URL without having to do anything, and all the old posts are still accessible. This was more of a personal, cosmetic change and I hope it doesn’t cause too much confusion, but if it does please email me here. So now that I’ve explained that, on to an outfit post!
ImageImageImage Image Sweater: Urban Outfitters // shirt: Juicy Couture Sale (old) // scarf: cost plus world market // jeans: Lucky Brand // boots: Sorel (similar) // bracelet: Forever 21 Image
ImageThe other announcement I had is that in most of my posts, if I feature or list an item, some of the words are now clickable, and will transfer you to the website I purchased them from or found them on. For example, in this post if you click “Lucky Brand” you will be redirected to the page with this pair of jeans. Some of you may found this already, but I just wanted to comment on it in case it is hard to tell because the links are colored. Hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday! I’m going to dinner at my favorite local eatery tonight.

Callie leigh

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