Current Obsessions.

Hello, World.

Everyone has obsessions, right? Whether it’s instagram, bracelets, shoes, celebrities, whatever. So, I thought I would share my current obsessions.
current obsessions 1
Fitness: these lovely long leggings for running. Being tall, it’s difficult to find leggings that are long enough! In the Beauty category, I have a ridiculous obsession with deep lip colors. I never really used to wear anything on my lips, but since I died my hair darker I love wearing lipstick because otherwise I look even more pale than normal (which is saying something). As for my fashion obsession, that is easily these boots from LL Bean. My boot obsession, for people that know me well, is stage five. It’s rather serious, and at times fatal to my wallet, but what can I say, I love a good boot. In the craft department, I want to try DIY glitter jars. One of my resolutions is to do something crafty each week, and I have a feeling this project will be on my to-do list very soon. Another resolution is to be healthier, which is why green smoothies are my current obsession for food or recipes. They are supposed to be super good for you, and really break down the green of your choice to release all the nutrients and nourish your body. A friend who used to drink these daily once told me you have to chew each piece of lettuce in a salad 100 times before all the nutrients are released. Who has time for that when you can simply drink a smoothie while getting ready in the morning?
On the music front, Colbie Caillat’s ‘Hold On’ is on repeat in my iTunes. I love this song so much, the beat, the words, everything. It’s powerful and wakes me up in the morning. In the hair arena, I’m trying to get better at doing my hair up. I’m one of those people that is stupidly insecure when my hair is up, but I want to find hairstyles I like that are easy and quick to do on mornings when I’m running late for class. You’d think having a sister as a hair stylist would be beneficial, unfortunately she’s an artist, and I’m a little challenged when it comes to my hair. The app I’ve opened the most on my phone recently is HAUTELOOK. If you don’t know about it, go download it then continue reading this post. It’s basically Nordstrom Rack at your fingertips. Dangerous, but addictive stuff. So many good deals! Lastly, and perhaps my most severe obsession is Scandal. I’m not a huge TV person, but when I like a show, I love a show. This show is on ABC, and is fast-paced and so unpredictable I watch episode after episode without realizing how long I’ve been on my couch. Both my parents and my sister are also obsessed with it, which is awesome because we talk about it and watch it together! So, nine things I’m currently obsessed with. What are your obsessions at the moment?

Callie Leigh

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