December Recap

Hello, World.

Happy New Year! We are now officially in 2014, but before I dive head first into a brand new year, I wanted to recap the final month of 2013. December was a rather mediocre month, but Christmas happened, and I love Christmas. I love coming home so I can spend time with my family, but I miss school after a week or so. I head back on Sunday, and I’m so excited. Last year JanTerm was my favorite part of the year, and I hope this year will be the same.
1) Finals happened, and they went well, despite the normal lack of sleep, unhealthy intake of coffee, and unbearable stress that usually comes with them. I only had one “final exam,” but I had three huge papers in my other classes. I survived, and my grades came out strong, but I really do despise finals.
2) I visited my roommate and best friend’s family to help decorate their Christmas tree. That was a great day, even though I just about had a mental breakdown in the evening when I realized I hadn’t gotten any studying done, and I had my big exam in one days.
3) My amazing friends bought me coffee because I survived my Biblical Literature final. Gosh I love them. They know the way to my heart.
4) I came home for the holidays. My mom has the best tree around. I love being home during Christmas, and I just love Christmas in general. I feel like everyone is happier during the holidays, and I feel like everyone is gearing up for a new year.
5) My sister got a puppy! A little cocker spaniel named Molly Mae. She is the sweetest thing, and I had a blast babysitting her for a few days of break.
6) While home, I got to hangout with three of my friends from high school, Lindy, Nick, and Rossy. This picture is of Lindy and I when we had our Christmas movie night, and caught up. Not pictured is when Nick and I baked cookies, watched movies, and hung out. Rossy and I had coffee, gluten free coffee cake, talked for hours, and watched Gossip Girl, the show we loved all through high school, and would talk about in class!
7) My sister and I got our nails done together! I got pretty traditional Christmas-inspired nails, and my sister did the Stiletto Nail look in a pretty purple with glitter and black! I like having my nails done. Chipped nails are kind of a pet-peeve.
8) My mom’s best friend, and my long-time mentor and inspiration visited! She’s always encouraged me, and always assured me I wasn’t some terrible writer that would end up in a cubicle writing the business letters for a company I hated. That may be a reality someday, but she convinced me every time I see her that it probably won’t happen.
9) Christmas! This Christmas was mellow, and filled with family and cute holiday jammies. It passed too quickly, but I had a great day with my family and the new puppy.

This month was good, but I am so excited to say goodbye to 2013, welcome 2014 with open arms, and move into JanTerm. Hope you’re having a great day, and the New Year’s hangover isn’t too terrible.

Callie leigh

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