2014 Resolutions.

Hello, World. 

The coming of a New Year always makes me laugh. Within a matter of hours every New Year’s Eve, people suddenly post videos going through all their photos of the year (myself included), and people start talking about their resolutions (again, myself included). However, I think it’s funny how people start hating on people’s “new year, new me” mentality. Sure, most resolutions are never executed, and sure some people put their resolutions on a list knowing they probably will never follow through with them, but at least they’re challenging themselves. I usually make too many resolutions, and only get through the resolutions that are most important to me, but I put a lot of resolutions on my list with the hope that I can challenge myself to be a better person. Anyway, I like the idea of resolutions, and I really don’t like when people are constantly negative on New Year’s Eve, posting things like, “can you stop wrapping up your year? Thanks,” or “Stop saying you’re going to be new in the new year.” I like to believe that people can change. I like to believe that a new year can bring a series of new beginnings and new challenges. So, how will I be bringing in the New Year? At my family’s cabin, with the people I love. ImageImageImageImageImageMy resolutions may be a little broad, but in the new year I plan to be healthier, more fit, and more forgiving. I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve, and I hope that despite some people hating on people wanting to improve, you make a least one resolution, small or large. As for me, I’m going to go on a walk, spend time with my cousin and her kids, get a chai latte, and start with a clean slate. 


Callie leigh 


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