My Favorite 2013 Moments

Hello, World.

In light of the New Year, I’m doing some posts about 2013, and what I have planned for 2014. Although, if I’m being totally honest, I have no plans and no expectations for the New Year, and I’m completely and utterly content with that. If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s having expectations kill the organic feeling of life. If we expect too much, we’re bound to be disappointed. If we expect too little, we’re more surprised than we should be. But anyway, I’m going to wrap up 2013 by sharing my biggest moments of the year. These include milestones, but some are just small moments that affected my life in one way or another.  Image First, I went to the aquarium in Monterey with my residence hall, which was awesome. Mostly. Aside from some petty, first-year-of-college drama, it was a great experience. I’d never been to an aquarium, and it was really cool! I got to spend the day with some of my favorite people, and got to see jellyfish and sharks and penguins!
ImageThe Gonzaga versus Saint Mary’s basketball game was intense, and my school may have lost, but it was still such a great experience, and a must for my first year of college. The crowd was SO loud, and so invested in the game, and our boys played their best. I also made it on TV, which was my goal for my first SMC basketball game.
ImageThe Giants’ games. Yes, I got to go to two this year. The first was in the beginning of the year with two of my closest friends. The other in August, with my lovely parents and my uncle. I’d never been to a professional baseball game before, and it was awesome! I loved it, and I’m hoping to go again next season with my friends.
Image I stayed in San Francisco for a week during the month of May, and it was honestly my favorite time period in all of 2013. I really fell in love with the City in that week, and I found out so many things about myself. It was also the first time I really enjoyed the City. Before that, visiting the City always felt a little stressful, because it was a day away from everything, but then I would return, and all the things that were bothering me previously came rushing back into my head the minute I stepped foot on Bart. But this week, this one week, changed things. Everything felt secure, and happy, and easy, and real…at least for a little while. In the words of Elena Gilbert, “But then the sun came up, and reality set in.”
ImageI took a little road trip from school to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. It was the first time I drove home, and I got to visit home the weekend before finals, and really enjoy being around my family before things got crazy. I’m so thankful my best friend decided to go with me because the drive would have sucked by myself. Also, we made a bomb playlist, so that helped.
Image Moving out of Saint Mary’s, and my first dorm room was so sad! My first year flew by, but I loved every minute of it, even the bad moments. Sometimes I feel nostalgic about moving out, wishing I could back to this room, and repeat some of the moments of my first year. Everything felt so easy, and everything was so new and exciting. I have some beautiful memories in this room, with people I will never forget, despite that many things are now so different than just a few months ago, when I was packing up this room, and closing it’s door for the very last time.
ImageMeeting Sarah Dessen was probably one of the coolest things to happen all year. I read all of her books, and I hope that no matter what career I end up in, one day I can write novels that matter, and be half as successful as her. She was just as sweet and amazing as you would think, and I’m so grateful my mom accompanied me to the Bay Area this summer to let me meet Sarah!
ImageBeing a WOWie was an amazing experience as well. I know I’ve said that about every moment so far, but there were a few great gems this year, and this was one of the big ones. I got to meet so many new people, and really connect with Saint Mary’s, and what it means to be a part of such a unique community. Although the experience was different than I thought it was going to be (in a few ways), I felt honored to be a part of the experience. I hope the first year students loved their weekend!
ImageMoving back into Saint Mary’s. I love love love my new room, and my roommate is pretty awesome. Moving in was a bit like moving out, bittersweet to say the least. I was thankful to be back on campus, but I could also feel just how different things this year would be. But alas, I love my school, and I’m happiest when I’m walking through this campus.
Image I became good friends with this amazing gal. I will admit, I can be hard to get close to, I have a lot of trust issues, and I don’t really let people in, but this girl is like my kindred spirit. We just get each other. She’s been there for me so much this semester, and is always willing to listen to me rant, rave, cry, and laugh, and I’m thankful for that! I also appreciate that she is a great photographer, and is willing to take hundreds of pictures for me so I can keep this blog interesting.
ImageI went across the Golden Gate for the first time. This may seem silly, but I thought it was cool, and an important part of living in the Bay. Thank God for great friends, who go way out of their way just so you can accomplish this.

There you have my biggest moments of 2013. It was a rough year toward the end, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely hate moments of the year, but looking back, even the painful memories are important because they helped shape me into who I am as I write this. Even the memories that are painful to remember now were pretty beautiful once. So, here’s to the people in my life right now, and the people who aren’t anymore, but who were part of some of the most important moments of 2013. You’re all equally important to me.

Callie Leigh

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