Christmas Recap

Hello, World.
Today is December 26, which means that Christmas has come and gone much faster than you can say, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” It always amazes me how there is so much build-up to Christmas, and how much excitement surrounds it, and yet the day of Christmas always seems to pass so quickly. When my sister arrived at my parent’s house for Christmas morning, she made a joke that Christmas is the one day of the year that I am a morning person. She definitely had a point. Every Christmas Eve, my mom and I still put out milk and cookies for Santa, and read The Night Before Christmas, and cuddle on the couch next to the tree and fire before going to sleep. We’re also allowed to open one gift, and my mom always acts like it’s some huge, unknown gift, but we all know it’s our special jammies to wear on Christmas Eve, and while we open gifts in the morning. On Christmas morning, my sister jumps on me to wake me up, and we each make hot coco or coffee, and then distribute our gifts and stockings. Our method of opening gifts is rather unorganized, but yet still works. We open “all at once,” but it usually works out so that we each watch on person open, then just go around the room. I love watching people open gifts. Their reactions are always priceless, especially my mom, who is always convinced she didn’t get anything, and then LOVES whatever we got her. This year my sister gave her homemade Angel Pagan wings because my mom is a huge Pagan fan, and we have tickets to the Giants games. So, here are some snapshots of my Christmas Eve, and Christmas:
Anyway, this Christmas was pretty low-key, but overall it was relaxing, and everyone got wonderful gifts. Also, there was lots of good food, which always makes for a happy household. How was you Christmas? Enjoy today!

Callie Leigh

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