These Days.


Hello, World.

So, in the spirit of finals… I am taking a moment to procrastinate (kind of), and post a quick ‘these days.’ A lot of things have been going on in my life lately, so I thought I would post a little catch up post.

Drinking:  A peppermint latte, trying to stay warm in the insanely cold weather that has consumed my town lately. I love a good holiday drink, and I’m kind of a holiday-flavor junky. It makes me really sad when come January it seems odd to order pumpkin or peppermint or gingerbread.

Weather: It’s currently 48 degrees in town, and I’m freezing. Also, it snowed in Chico last night and I am quite devastated that I missed it. Seriously, I waited for four years of high school for it to snow at least once, and it never did, and then the one time I’m away at school it snows. Weather is a fickle little thing.

Reading: Bible homework. My Biblical Literature final is on Monday, and the study guide is five-pages single-spaced. Can you imagine what I am doing?

Thinking About: All the things I have to do between now and Thursday. Talk about stressful. Also, life happened this week, and so I didn’t get as much done as I originally hoped, but something that is nice is that I finally have some closure in my personal life, which is always a good thing. So, now for all nighters….

Excited About: Going to Livermore today, to my best friends house to help her family decorate their Christmas tree, get cheap Chinese food, watch Christmas movies and study. I love her family, they are so welcoming and hilarious, and its nice to know that I have a family close to school when my family is still three hours away.

Missing: My mama, my dad, my sister, sleep, and the ability to just be. Stress has gotten the best of me this semester, but today is a new day, and despite that its now finals, I know that things are looking up, and that in just a few short days, I will be able to cuddle up next to the fire with my dog, a book, some tea, and my family.

Addicted to: I thought about not including this section for this ‘these days’ because I’m really not addicted to anything at the moment, but then I realized I am kind of addicted to happiness. I feel like happiness is always the goal, and I’m addicted to finding it. So, maybe I’m addicted to adventures, or doing things the hard way because I want to figure out what will make me happy, but in the end, I just want to be happy, and I just want the people I care about to be happy. And I hope everyone knows that even when you’re surrounded by confusion, as long as you have faith, happiness will find you.


 Callie Leigh 

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