November & Break Recap

Hello, World.
Somehow it is already December 1st. I’m not sure where this year went, but it sure did pass quickly. Something about December, though, just makes me really happy. I love the holiday season, and Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I am a HUGE gift giver. I love giving gifts, and I always try to donate books young children, or do the “buy a gift for a child” at the mall because I really like idea of making a young child’s day just a little bit brighter. So, while I’m really excited for December, I thought I would recap my November. November is a great month, and this year it was even a little greater. Despite spending a majority of the month majorly stressed out, I still had a really good month with the people I love.
First, Starbucks got their red cups back! That was definitely the first sign of the holiday season for me, and since they were doing a buy one get one free special, my best friend Steven and I went and got lattes. Second, I invested in some “holiday break” reading. December is when I get my life back, and I’m not always reading for classes, so I plan to read all the gossipy, fashiony magazines I can, along with Lean In, Cannery Row, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Just One Year. Third, I spent a Saturday at the DeYoung Museum of Art in San Francisco. That was a really beautiful day. I might overuse the word beautiful, but I like to think I’m someone who tries to see a little beauty in everything. Fourth, while in San Francisco, I visited Beanery Coffee House. I went there last year when I went to Golden Gate Park, and I fell in love. they have SUCH good chai its a little ridiculous.
Fifth, I crossed Golden Gate Bridge for the first time! My best friends thought it was just a necessary part of life, so when we were heading back from the city, we decided to take the long way around, and hit the bridge. It was pretty cool, and I can now cross it off my bucket list! Sixth, I went home for Thanksgiving! I took this photo because I love how my mom decorates, and I love these little velvet pumpkins. Seventh, I went to my families cabin and finally got to wear my Sorel boots I got last year for Christmas. I also was a little disappointed there was no snow at the cabin, and I also find it really weird that there is no rain today and it is December 1st. Eighth, my family and I worked on a puzzle.
Here is the finished product. Yes, my mom did buy a puzzle with a bunch of cats on it, and yes I felt incredibly accomplished when, at the end of break, I had finished this puzzle and absolutely no homework!
Holly and I invested in this mini Christmas tree for our room. You can never be too jolly, its just not possible. Spread that Christmas cheer!
While at the cabin, I watched too many movies, way too much Duck Dynasty (how I had never seen that show I will never understand), oh and of course I drank too much coffee and cider.
Some photos from a walk at the cabin! The weather was way too nice, and I was so sad I didn’t get to go sledding, but my family is enough for me to always be happy.
IMG_0718 IMG_1947 Here is my lovely dog, Star, who I got to see while I was home. She is a retired supermodel, and basically just likes me to pet her, give her lots of attention, and she sleeps more than most humans. I love her, and she also helps me procrastinate when I’m trying to do work!

So, there we have November. I blinked, and this month was over, pretty crazy to think about. Anyway, I had a great month and I did a lot of fun things with my friends and family. Hope you had a great month, and I would love to hear any highlights! Enjoy today.

Callie Leigh

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