Thanksgiving Casual

Hello World.

I hope you had a beautiful, happy, family-filled Thanksgiving. My holiday was rather relaxed, but it was such a great day. Since I’m at my family’s cabin, everything is much more casual than a typical Thanksgiving with the whole family. Getting out of our pajamas is a rare thing, and we usually lounge around, work on a puzzle, drink coffee and tea, and sit by the fire. We also watch movies (see my post on Holiday movie favorites). It’s nice to be able to be a little lazy, especially when finals are approaching in the next week or so. Anyway, I wanted to share what I wore to lounge around in, and some photos from my day!
sitting woods thanksgiving tree IMG_0690IMG_0689IMG_0687IMG_0692IMG_0691IMG_0693IMG_0701IMG_0698IMG_0703IMG_0707
sweater: urban outfitters (old)//jeans: William Rast, on sale at Urban Laundry//Boots: Sorel brand, a christmas gift last year
A family tradition is to buy a puzzle, and work on it while we cook and watch movies and hangout. This year we got a 500 piece puzzle, but it’s a puzzle that has a ton of different pictures of cats (my mother picked it). It’s pretty difficult, but we’re making our way through it. I love doing puzzles. Also, I wore a pretty simple outfit because I getting out of sweats is quite the feat on our Thanksgivings. Anyway, hope you had a great holiday!
Callie Leigh

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