The Leaves they are a Changin’

Hello, World.
Today was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect… not too hot, not too cold. I also decided that I wasn’t going to bother with homework or schoolwork today because I am not about to start doing school seven days a week. We are supposed to have weekends for a reason, and I would like that think that reason is so we can relax and gain our bearings before another week of the grind. But alas, today was great. My friends, Aly and Andee, joined me for brunch at Millie’s a great local diner that has phenomenal breakfast! Breakfast was delicious, and the conversation was funny, which is always nice. Then we returned to campus, and hiked up past the Redwood Grove, and took some photos. After, we ran to get coffee, but the coffee place was out of soy milk, so I didn’t get anything. Overall, it was one of the funnest days I’ve had in a long time. Being stressed is one of my least favorite things, and I love the moments when I don’t feel completely deranged and can just enjoy the company of good friends. Here are some photos of today’s outfit, and of the beautiful place we went exploring.
IMG_1603 blog fall outfit 1 994653_10202339875795692_2030437416_n 1380245_10202339865115425_843344533_n 1456143_10202339859035273_652195576_n 1451580_10202339877395732_1892382164_n 75522_10202339870235553_509543549_n 1378308_10202339873035623_1855333129_n 1391975_10202339875275679_648135929_n 1455906_10202339871315580_1834089530_n 1385250_10202339869635538_1789567617_n577461_10202339875035673_118747248_n back shot 2602878_10202339872075599_1638149272_n 1381837_10202339870795567_1854869274_n 1375763_10202339873275629_1904318355_n1424577_10202339879395782_1761194825_n
The final photo features my lovely photographer of the day, Andee. She’s such a doll, and a wonderful photographer. She really has an eye for great photos! Personally, I think a profession where she typically has a camera in her hand is in her future, but who am I to say? Anyway, my saturday was brilliant, but sadly I know tomorrow means homework…lots of homework. But it’s only 8:30pm so I still have a few hours of being carefree left. Enjoy your Saturday night or Sunday morning, and maybe take a few minutes this week to go explore somewhere or something new!

Sweater: element via Urban Laundry// white top: Lucky Brand// circle scarf: Anthropologie// jeans: Lucky Brand// Boots: Frye via Urban Sole 

Callie Leigh

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