October Recap

Hello, World.

Today is November 1st. How its already November I’m still trying to understand, but alas, the months are passing and its now the eleventh month of the year. November is one of my favorite months because it has Thanksgiving (food, movies, cider, etc.), my sister’s birthday, and a break from school. But before we start getting into November, I thought I would recap October. October was a big month for me in the sense that it contained midterms, a break, outings with friends, pumpkins, and Halloween. I had a truly fabulous October, and honestly, this October was one of my favorites I’ve had in a few years. So, I’ve compiled a list of my BIG moments from the tenth month of the year, and wanted to share them with all of you lovely people.

1: My family visited, and took me out to a lovely brunch. We also made a trip to the Redwood Grove, which is this beautiful part of campus that is tucked away, but is basically a big patch of grass surrounded by Redwood trees. The weather was beautiful while they visited, and I was really happy to see them after a long time apart.
2: Sushi date with a new friend. I went to sushi with my friend, Andee, who I became good friends with this year. She’s awesome, and its always a good time with her. Also, sushi makes me happy, so there’s that.
3: Midterm week. I kind of despise midterms, but luckily, as an English major, I don’t usually have a lot of midterms. I usually have papers due or take-home tests, or brief in class exams. However, studying for my Biblical Literature class’s midterm was awful. There was so much material, a three-page (single-spaced) study guide, and well, (almost) the whole Bible. But alas, I did well on the exam so the hours of studying paid off. I also got an A on my English paper, so WOO. I’m definitely going to be celebrating tonight.
4: Visiting home. Since I did a post about this, I’m sure most of you know that my trip home was wonderful and relaxing. I love my family so much, and visiting home always grounds me. I visited the rice fields with my dad, hungout with my dog, went to a Halloween party, saw my best friend, and just enjoyed life (and not doing homework). I also changed my hair color and got pedicures with my mamma. Talk about a relaxing, beautification day. Seriously, my mom is the best. And my sister is one of the best hair dressers I know. I always love what she does, and I always know I can trust her with my hair. Sleeping in my queen sized bed was also a highlight of my trip!
5: Coffee dates to relieve some stress. I went to coffee with friends to talk, and just not do work for an hour or so. Sometimes it’s important to take breaks, and not drown myself in schoolwork, which is why coffee dates are a beautiful thing. Besides, I love talking to people about life, literature, struggles, or whatever; so coffee dates ensure that good conversation will occur.
6: Pumpkin patch visit. I did a post about this as well, but I thought I would include it because it was definitely a highlight of my month. I love pumpkins and I love going to a pumpkin patch! Maybe this will become a tradition (although my roommate is studying abroad in London next Fall, so we’ll have to figure out how to accomplish this).
Anyway, I’m going to dinner with friends tonight, and making a pumpkin pie! Enjoy your Friday!
Callie Leigh

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