Tune Diaries: Fall Playlist


Hello, World.

So, in honor of my favorite season, I am posting a playlist of a few of my favorite songs at them moment. These songs, in some way, remind me of fall, whether it be the melody, the lyrics, whatever, they remind me either of the season or the way I’m feeling about this time in my life. So, here we go:

Two weeks-grizzly bear
halcyon-ellie goulding
this is london-the airborne toxic event
sweater weather-the neighbourhood
collide-howie day
wake up-arcade fire
slow and steady-of monsters and men
sex-the 1975
san francisco-the mowgli’s
life is better with you-michael franti & spearhead
exposition-jeremy larson
au revoir-onerepublic
blood bank-bon iver

listen here(!!!):http://grooveshark.com/playlist/Fall+2013/91130906

These are just a few of my songs on repeat right now. What are your favorite songs right now? Have a good Friday night!


Callie Leigh

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