September Recap

Hello, World.

Today is the first day of my favorite month of the year: October. October brings pumpkins, Halloween, horror films, candy, orange leaves, sweaters, boots, and scarves. Basically, I love everything about October. But, September treated me pretty well this year, and I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments from the past month!
When I went to Peets at the beginning of September and realized their pumpkin chai lattes were back, I almost cried I was so happy. Pumpkin is the ultimate representation of autumn for me, and when I get to go have coffee with my favorite people, and just talk about life over a warm beverage, I am seriously one of the happiest people ever.
I hiked to the cross on campus with a new friend, and had such a beautiful view of campus and the sunset.
I found a really cute little reading spot for in the morning before my Bible class. I love the sound of water, and reading near this fountain is so relaxing. Not to mention I think campus is absolutely beautiful early in the morning.
Starbucks date with two of my good friends, Ashley and Andee. I think I drink too many coffees, but what the hell, I like my chai lattes and talking to my friends. I have a lot to say, apparently.
I got a letter from my friend, Kyle. Luckily he’s understanding of my ridiculously poor skills at responding to letters because otherwise I would never get mail. But I adored getting a handwritten letter, showing me he cared. I’m working on a response, and hopefully I can get it in the mail before October passes.
I finally purchased Elsie and Emma’s photo idea book! I am thrilled, and cannot wait to try some of the photo challenges and whatnot. Both Elsie and Emma are so talented, and I am excited to read their first book!
Overall, September was a great month. I had so many beautiful moments, and I wish I could include all of them. September was a month of change for me, getting used to things that were different, getting used to a new class schedule, new professors, and new friends. Sometimes I wake up and can’t help but think, how the hell did I get to this point? So much changed in such a short time, but to be perfectly honest, I’m the happiest I’ve felt in a long time. I love everyone in my life with all my heart, and I love who I am at this point in my life. When September started, I felt detached, and like a part of me was missing, but luckily I located the missing piece, and even tweaked some things I didn’t like, and now I always feel content. I’m not a fan of unnecessary drama, and I’m so thankful I can trust and love everyone in my life unconditionally each and every day.
Callie Leigh

4 thoughts on “September Recap

      1. True – I think the best part is you can hold onto the letters/cards forever. Emails aren’t personal enough to keep forever. lol.

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