Retreat in the Quasi-Woods

Hello, World.

This past weekend I had a retreat in Alamo, California for Academic Honor Council. Despite having a midterm and essay due this weekend, I was really excited for the retreat because I knew I would have the opportunity to meet other council members and get to know the people I will be working with this year. Briefly, Academic Honor Council is the group of students who hear cases of academic honesty, and decide, first, whether a violation of the college’s honor code occurred, and second, the proper sanction for such an act of dishonesty. When I was in high school, I witnessed a lot of academic dishonesty and made me really upset because I always worked really hard, and my grade would often end up the same as someone who cheated. I felt really devalued in my grades and outraged at the lack of action on the part of my school’s administration to handle academic dishonesty. So, to make a very long and complicated story shorter, I am on the council because I believe in honest work and I want all students to be held responsible when they commit academic dishonesty.

For my retreat, the Council headed to Alamo, and we stayed in a manor that is 10,000square feet, and was built in 1929. It was seriously one of the most adorable places I’ve ever stayed during a retreat. I felt like the house belonged in the Hamptons, and I felt like I was more on a vacation than at an intensive training for the Council. We played a series of games, listened to people talk about different roles of Council members, and just to know each other. The retreat as a whole was lovely, and it was a nice break from the mundane life of campus on the weekends! Here are some snapshots of my weekend:






I had a really great time, and the retreat reassured me that the Council is something I am proud to be a part of, and something that I truly believe in. I hope you had a great weekend, and are having a marvelous Monday!


Callie Leigh

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