Monday Monday Monday Blues

Hello, World.

Life lately is insane. I feel like I never stop moving, and things never cease to change. There are moments when I feel like I’m at a standstill, and time keeps passing and I’m neither stagnant nor keeping up. It’s a real struggle. If it wasn’t for the fact that pumpkin spice lattes returned to Starbucks, I would probably be dead, or in a really deep slumber. But anyway, my classes are going well, but the reading is outrageous. I never stop reading, and I fully understand that as an English major this is to be expected, but still sometimes I just need five minutes of “me time.” But alas, five minutes of me time will come in the form of driving to Starbucks to pick up the latte I just mentioned. So, here is my Monday according to photos:

Image Image






1. I got a new mustard sweater from Lucky, and it is so cozy and it screams Fall, and I love it.

2. For Biblical Literature, I’ve read more of the Bible this week than I have in years.

3. and 4. For my Book Club class, I’m reading Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell. It’s haunting, but beautifully written.

5. and 6. Shameless selfies because I actually curled my hair today since I’m ahead on school work, and I loved how my makeup turned out this morning… especially for a Monday.

7. I love using my Canon Rebel, and I love my new sweater, so I wanted to take as many photos as possible… expecially since i had the time to take a lot of photos today.

How is your Monday going thus far? I hope very well!


Callie Leigh

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