Feeling Right at Home… Away from Home

Hello, World.

I’ve lived on campus for roughly two and a half weeks now, but since WOW was go, go, go, I’ve only just started feeling really at home again, even though I’m not actually “at home.” Since I did a “Dorm Decor” wish list a few weeks back, I thought it would be fun to share my new home with you all. I’ve recently spent a lot of time reorganizing things, making sure all my belongings have a nice, convenient spot in my room.



ImageThe above photos are a basic overview of the layout of my room, and give you a general idea of how I’ve organize everything! My room this year feels like a hotel in comparison to the closet I lived in last year. I absolutely love my new room, and the layout is so much more open and functional.


Next is my desk. I have quite a few of my most important belongings on my desk this year. I don’t have a bookshelf actually on my desk this time, which I found gives me much more actual desk space for photos, my iHome, and other little nick knacks. I also have things that my close friends from home gave to me, which keeps them close even when I don’t see them.



My best is a beautiful thing for a few reasons. First, I love sleep, especially after days of endless reading, conversing, and testing. Second, under my bed is my “hideaway” zone. This means that under my bed is storage. Here I store all of my laundry stuff, food, DVDs, winter clothing, first-aid kit, etc. I also put my drawers under my bed so I have more room to move around!


The wall next to the built-in vanity is my favorite wall. It holds my SMC pennant, my calendar (without which I would be a lost, blubbering mess), and one of my favorite photos of all time. On this wall you will also find my tea, which is also known as my life’s blood. My [dorm] neighbor, Sasha, gifted me the gorgeous green tea pot, and tea cup for my birthday, so for loose leaf tea I will be utilizing this little gem throughout the year!



My closet is home to my clothing, mug collection, microwave, and scrapbook. A closet’s use is pretty self-explainatory, but in case you were unsure, my clothing can be found here.


My room has a vanity that can be found in the center of the room! It’s really nice having a sink in my room, and being able to wash my face, etc. in my room without having to go to a communal, hall bathroom. The vanity also has a lot of counter space, which I both appreciate and value.


Last year my sister gave me this frame, which contains the very first article I ever wrote for The Collegian, my school paper. I really love this frame, and my first article is something I really cherish, so I HAD to include this in my room.

So, this is my room for my sophomore year of college, and I love it. I feel really at home, and I love having a lot of room to move around! I hope I have more friends from home visit me this year, especially because I actually have the room for them to visit. I’m hoping to do a segment on some of my friend’s rooms, and how they make storage, how the decorate, etc. Hopefully they like the idea, and will let me creep on their rooms with my camera! Anyway, it’s Friday y’all, which means time to let loose, and forget about all the homework you have for a night or two.


Callie Leigh

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