Birthday In Review

Hello, World.

My birthday was on Thursday, and although I wasn’t super excited about my birthday initially, my day ended up being wonderful. I always feel a little extra loved on my birthday, which I guess is how it should be, but I mean loved in the sense that I receive happy birthday texts from all my friends, and I especially love the texts from people I haven’t heard from or seen in a while. I hardly ever plan anything with friends on my actual birthday because I usually devote the day to my family, but this year was different. On Thursday, I went to lunch with my aunts, sister, and mom at T. Bar (the best restaurant in Chico in my humble opinion). I love spending time with my family, so it was nice to have a relaxed lunch with the ladies. On Thursday evening, I went to sushi with two of my friends, and then followed our meal up with a romantic comedy movie night. Sushi dates are probably my favorite because sushi isn’t overly filling, and I always feel more engaged with the people I’m eating with since we share rolls, conversation, advice, experiences, and on occasion, some awkward stories about life.

I’m an introvert, so I am a big advocate of small groups, which is why I was kind of excited that one of my friends couldn’t make the lunch I had planned for today, and suggested she and I, and our other friend, Emily, go to sushi instead. I like giving my full attention to people when I hangout with them, and sometimes in a big group I get overwhelmed and quiet. But alas, my birthday was a success. As for gifts, I received so many lovely things from my friends and family! Giving and receiving gifts is something I enjoy because I like spending time finding the perfect things for my friends, and I feel like gifts just say, “hey, I was thinking about you.” My parents blessed me with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i this year, and I was utterly grateful, surprised, and happy to receive such a gorgeous camera. As you may know, “be more creative everyday” is one of the items on my bucket list, and one of the ways I hope to be more creative is through photography. I’ve never considered myself to be an overly creative person, but I would like to feel more creative in the coming months/years/etc. My sister and I are going to the park today to play with my camera and take fun photos, so there will be a post with some of those photos in the future! Anyway, I have to finish getting ready for lunch with some lovely ladies.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Callie Leigh 

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