Sidewalk Sales

Hello, World!

On Friday and Saturday the “Slice of Chico” event was going on in downtown Chico, and it entailed lots of iced drinks, wonderful bargains, and conversations while we (my sister, mom, and I) walked from store to store. Slice of Chico is when all the stores and restaurants have clearance sales or testers on their storefronts for the community to look at or try as they wander around! It’s a very ‘Chico’ summer event, and it’s always a good time.


I recently took some of my old purses and clothes to the consignment store in Chico, and got a little money so I was really excited to go the downtown boutiques (like Urban Laundry and Ruby’s) and do a little shopping. I found some great things, although, I think I will always be a Fall season girl at heart because everything I bought was more appropriate for fall instead of summer. But regardless, I love sidewalk sales because all the sale and clearance items are on the street, so you and friends can grab a Starbucks or Peets coffee, walk along all the boutique-lined streets, and ONLY browse clearance items, which is great because if I had to walk through the store, past all the summery merchandise, I would spend way too much money. Buying new clothes is fun because each piece of clothing feels like it holds endless possibilities, and will be with you while you make many memories. Honestly, do you ever look at your favorite t-shirt and think of all the things that you’ve done or that happened while you were wearing it? I do, but that’s just me, and maybe I’m weird.  Probably I’m just weird.


Anyway, I have to have “smart casual” clothing for a volunteer position I have when I return to Saint Mary’s, and I found a great mint blazer for only $15 at Ruby’s! I was drawn to this particular blazer because it can be dressed up or down, depending on what it’s paired with.

Any fun summer traditions in your town/city?


Callie Leigh 

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