Scrapbook Love

Hello, World.

I mentioned before that I was working on a scrapbook of my first year at Saint Mary’s, and I finally completed it! It turned out great, and I’m looking forward to taking it with me to school this year, and showing my friends (especially the friends that are in it) our best and weirdest moments captured on film.


When I graduated high school, I said I would make a scrapbook, but ultimately never did, and now I wish I had. Having a scrapbook is fun because it has all the photos, tickets, and random things you collect over the course of a year in a single, organized place. I spent a lot of time on my scrapbook because I really wanted it to be special and creative, not like something I had just slapped together in 30 minutes.


One thing that I learned about myself while making my scrapbook is that I’m really good at taking photos of events, and of my friends at said events, but I’m really quite terrible at taking of myself and friends, or of myself at events. Hopefully I can improve, and take more pictures of my friends and me at events this year!


I had such a wonderful year at Saint Mary’s, and despite the ups and downs and challenges I faced, I think overall I was successful this year. Looking through the pages of my scrapbook I can see myself visibly changing, but I also know that a lot of change happened within. I’ve grown a lot as a person in the last year, I’ve matured, and I’ve learned how to better handle situations that make me uncomfortable. Being able to look at all the moments that composed my first year in college, and the moments that left an imprint in my character, is not only a fun experience, but also (for lack of a better term) an awe-inspiring experience.


Another thing I love about my scrapbook? That I can watch my friendships form, get stronger, and my relationships with fellow Gaels grow as the pages turn! It’s a weird feeling to see my friends and I at Oasis in September, when we had only just met, and looked slightly stiff and awkward, then to see us at the Giants game in April, looking so close and goofy and happy together!


As far as my method for scrapbooking, I printed almost every picture I took in last year, went through and divided them into events/categories, then went and got some fun supplies and paper. I started with my favorite events or days, and went in that order before I organized them chronologically to bind them in the scrapbook I picked. I’m a big fan of journaling, so while I did use premade, glittery letters and whatnot, I also added my own handwriting and random thoughts about events. For example, at the end, on the final page, I wrote a couple sentences about my first year, and the fact that I cannot wait for the next three. I’m hoping to make a scrapbook of each year, but that may be more ambitious than I currently realize, so we’ll see!


Do you like to scrapbook? Or journal and scrapbook at the same time?


Callie Leigh

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