These Days

Hello, World.

Things have been crazy, hectic, and swell lately.

Drinking: Iced Zen Tea from Starbucks. I came home from the cabin two days earlier than planned due to some family stuff, and I feel like I’m melting in the heat. It’s roughly 97 degrees on average, and that’s about 15 degrees hotter than I like the air around me. Still, there’s nothing like iced tea on scorching days.

Weather: Too hot, really. I just expanded on this in ‘Drinking,’ but I can definitely bad mouth the heat some more. It’s too damn hot. Take me back to the Bay Area please; I sure do miss the lovely breeze and the days that rarely exceed 80 degrees.

Writing: mainly in my journal about my life, my aspirations, and my reflections on things that have happened lately. Something about journaling is immensely soothing to me. I feel like I can just pour my soul into a journal and there’s no judgment or hard feelings. I especially love journaling when I’m really mad about something because I can just vent for pages and pages and never actually have to hurt someone’s feelings.

Reading: I took a hiatus from East of Eden, and am currently finishing up The Sun Also Rises by the lovely Hemingway. The man is sparse, but in the best way. I love the quickness with which the story unfolds, and the witty banter between characters. I read a short story by Hemingway in my Lit. Analysis class last semester, and enjoyed it, but I much prefer the novel to short stories, so I’m glad to be reading a lengthier piece by him. Also, I think I may be in love with the 1920s.

Thinking about: Over the past two weeks, my dad has been in the ER twice, and has had an MRI of his brain, met with a cardiologist, and is scheduled for a stress test. So, to say that my father’s health is constantly on my mind would be obvious, but overwhelmingly true. None of the doctors are sure why he’s been feeling crummy lately, but one of the doctors we’ve worked with is trying really hard to figure out something. Not knowing anything is kind of scary. If the reason for sickness is nothing and he just has a cold or some kind of nasty virus, then I’d like to know exactly that. But if it’s something more serious, then I’d definitely like to know that too.

Missing: Gilmore Girls being a show that is on weekly. I’m a gigantic fan of the show, and I’ve seen every episode at least four times, but sometimes I wish I could see new episodes to find out how Rory’s journalism career is going, if Luke and Lorelei made amends, if Rory came to her senses and married Logan (or Jess), if Paris is still freaked out by sick people, if any more maids sugared the grapefruits, or if anyone found more walnuts in the salad. But alas, I guess if I want to see any more Gilmore Girls I’ll have to write it myself (wink wink).

Addicted to: I’ve been finishing up my Freshman Year scrapbook, and I’m so sad I’m almost done. I’ve come to really love scrapbooking, but I still have my gift book for a friend, which is half scrapbooking I suppose, so maybe I’m not done with the craft for the summer. Still, though, maybe I’ll have to make a scrapbook for each year of college! That’s a nice thought, but we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I’m relishing the feeling that I’m becoming more creative because I’ve never considered myself a super creative person. But it’s been a goal of mine for a while to become more creative and crafty, so I’m on my way!

How is life going for you lately?


Callie leigh

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