These Days.

Hello, World.

How have you been doing lately? I’ve been well, but just for kicks here’s an idea of what I’ve been up to:

 Drinking: Apricot Vanilla Crème white tea. Trust me, it’s just as delicious as it sounds. I’m feeling extremely lazy today, and tea is even more delicious when I’m curled up on the couch with a book or watching reruns of Vampire Diaries or Gilmore Girls.

Weather: overcast and slightly chilly. I’m happy it’s not 110 degrees, but I’m a little confused by the clouds today. However, the unexpected chill is a nice change from the stale heat that usually envelops my town. Being home for the summer is an adjustment simply because the weather here is so much different than the Bay Area. 

Writing: In my journal all the thoughts, actions, and events of the past few days. My sister’s best friend from high school drowned in her family’s pool on father’s day, and it’s been really hard on my family. She was only 25, and for a majority of my life she was like a second big sister, so I’ve been journaling a lot about the effects of her death on my life and world view. I guess if it’s taught me anything it is that life is far to short to be boring, so we better start living each day as though it’s our last (I do believe James Dean said something to this effect once upon a time).

Thinking About: All the things I want to do in life, Mitchell, and the fact that I have no desire to get out of my pajamas and deal with the world today, but alas, I have a Rib BBQ to attend with family. I would be considering bailing, but it’s a fundraiser for sports in schools, so I figure I should show my support.

Excited About: life, going to the cabin for the 4th of July, finishing East of Eden. I’ve been trying to get it through it for a while, taking a break to read the new Sarah Dessen. It’s very very slow moving so I get distracted quite easily while reading it, but the story line is interesting!

Missing: Megan (my sister’s friend), my close friends from my childhood, school, the cabin, a lot of things really. Death seems to leave a bitter taste in my mouth, and whenever someone close to my family passes I always feel like I need to make sure I’m really living, and that the people important to me know just how much they mean. One thing with Megan is that she never had a dull moment, and she was extremely giving, and I hope that I can emulate that through the rest of my days.

Addicted to: Journaling, and making the “adventures” journal for Mitchell. Seriously, I keep getting so many ideas that I just keep journaling in it, and I like that it’s part collage, part extended love letter. I love journaling because it allows me to get all my thoughts out, lets me just pour my soul into a million blank pages, and I know that I’m not going to be judged, forgotten, or annoying. Journals can seriously be the best of friends, which is a little sad considering they’re mute.

What have you been up to? Have a great Sunday, everyone!




2 thoughts on “These Days.

  1. Life seems to be easier when we are at school. Ironically enough, I feel as if school is my escape from the real world, yet it is me in the real world (if that makes sense). Without actually being on campus, it is difficult to communicate our thoughts and feelings with one another (whether that being friends or a significant other). When I am not at home, I no longer have to worry about life ‘back home.’ I see that with your post today–at least, that’s just a little of what I got out of it. I am glad I am not the only one who wants to sit in their pjs all day long and watch endless episodes of nonsense television.

  2. I completely agree. I miss school so much simply because things are so simple and easy when I’m there. It is definitely difficult to communicate feelings, especially when there is a time difference between your friends and you. I also feel much more independent and sure of myself at school, but that may just be because I’m “on my own” at school, and while at home I can rely on my family and old friends more. Does that make sense?
    -Callie Leigh

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