DIY: Adventures to go on Journal

Hello, World.

Today I would like to talk about projects and crafting. I’ve been fairly bored this summer, which is unfortunate. So, as an attempt to make myself not so bored, I’ve decided to start working on projects. I’ve been reading regularly, but sometimes reading just doesn’t sound like most active pastimes. One of the projects I’m currently working on is an “adventures to go on” journal to give my friend when I see him in August. I got the idea from a Pinterest pin that was a simple journal page that said, “Adventures to go on” and had a list of various activities. I decided it would be awesome if I could make my own list, and then bring those activities to life by making a journal page dedicated to each activity and make a little collage and then write something about the activity.  I’m actually really enjoying making the journal, and I’ve found so many cute pictures and ideas on Pinterest. It’s also been fun because I’ve been going through magazines and cutting some pictures out! I forgot how much fun making collages could be. So, if you want to make an “Adventures to go on book,” here’s what you’ll need:


1)   A journal, lined or unlined depending on preference.

2)   Magazines (I’ve been using pottery barn, Us weekly, and other home or outdoorsy magazines)

3)   Glue

4)   Scissors

5)   Paper of varying colors

6)   Gel pen, sharpie, whatever suits your writing needs

Here’s a sample page! I chose to show a “bonfire on the beach” adventure because this is something I’ve always wanted to do, and the idea of it is just so romantic.


This is a fairly inexpensive project, and you can make it for either yourself or someone close to you (i.e., a best friend, a boyfriend, a finance, a spouse). I got my journal for under $10 at Barnes and Noble, but it serves the purpose I need it to, and it looks really clean and nice. Also, you can get colored paper in bulk at a lot of craft stores, and I’m sure everyone has a few magazines lying around. If not, you can always get pictures from Pinterest or online and print them out, and there is nothing wrong with black and write photos if you don’t have a colored printer! Color can be added by paper in the backgrounds or by using a colored pen. I hope you enjoy this project if you attempt it, and have a lovely rest of your Saturday!


Callie Leigh

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