Father’s Day Traditions

Hello, World.

As many of you know, today is Father’s Day, so make sure you give your father (or mother if she’s played both roles) a little extra love today. Since I was a little girl, Father’s Day has been “dad’s day,” which usually entails a large brunch (always eggs benedict because my whole family adores it), golfing or yard work, time in the mountains, some gifts so my sister and I can show our love, and lots of hugs and reminiscing. It’s funny because as a society we have set days where we are supposed to show extra love for the people in our lives, whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, whatever, but don’t we love these people just as much any other day? Sure, on these days we give them all of our attention, putting down our phones, stepping away from the computer or TV, and just spending quality time with someone who has helped shape our being, but my philosophy is that we should show people we care each and everyday we see them, or at least when life isn’t completely overwhelming.

Father’s Day, however, has consistently been a day when I can tell my dad, someone who really doesn’t receive praise very well, how much he means to me, how much he’s shaped who I am today, and how amazing and funny he is! My sister and I, while wrapping his presents, started laughing because I said I wasn’t sure what to write on his card, and she replied by simply saying, “oh, it doesn’t matter. You know he’ll read it and nod before going, ‘oh thank you!’ in this really exasperated voice.” I had to laugh because what my sister said was so true. No matter what we write on the card, my dad will just nod and say, “Oh thank you!” Even if we wrote, as my sister said, “your breath smells stinky and so do you.” Although that’s not very loving, so maybe I’ll save that for another day.

Holiday traditions, no matter what holiday, are something I’ve loved since I could understand what they were. There’s something about knowing that for one day you’re going to be with your family, just enjoying each other and realizing the immense love you have in your life. Even if you think your family is crazy, and holidays are basically blurs of laughs, stories, yelling, or crying (or it all), that it’ll all be okay as soon as you sit down to play Taboo or Clue in the evening. At least that’s how it is with my family.

What are your holiday traditions? And don’t forget to give whichever parent has played dad for you some love!


Callie Leigh 

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