These Days.

Hello, World.

What have I been doing lately? Here’s an idea:

Drinking: Black peppermint tea, and enjoying some chocolate. Something about tea and chocolate really gets me in the writing mood. Kind of odd, yes, but productive nonetheless. Besides, I hardly eat sugar anymore so the few pieces of chocolate are rather delicious.

Weather: warm, sunny, with a hint of mountain breeze. I’m at my family’s cabin this weekend, and it smells like pine trees, summer, and lake water. I’m feeling rather serene, and although I usually prefer wintertime to summertime, the warmth is welcomed.

Writing: a new novel idea in my notebook, creating characters I wouldn’t mind learning more about. I’ve been considering a few ideas for a few months now, and I think I’ve figured out just the story I would like to tell. A lot of people think writers choose what to write about, but I disagree. I think that you can attempt to choose, but usually the story chooses you, and demands that you tell it to others.

Thinking About: all the things I have yet to complete this summer that I want to. This includes my scrapbook, a novel (although I’m making progress), twelve novels, and hiking. Summer is so hard because it seems endless, but then there are days where I can feel time passing around me, things slowly changing, and days going by with each feeling the same. But, summer isn’t endless, and I have to remind myself that if I want to complete all these things, I need to take control of time, and use it productively.

Excited About: a few things. First, I’m excited about my story idea. Second, I’m excited to hangout with my best friend, Lindy, who just got back into town from UC Santa Cruz!

Missing: School. All the people who are associated with school. Trips to Peets to do homework, procrastinate, and talk with my friends about life, academics, and the most random things.

Addicted to: instagram. Seriously, I love instagram. It’s so fun to see little snapshots of people’s lives, especially the people I don’t see very often anymore. Also, I’ve become a little more ridiculous about it since I decided to advertise my blog on instagram. But hey, I have to get readers somehow. I also have a slight (read: large) chai latte addiction whether they are hot, iced, blended, whatever. I have to have one a day, which is more latte than I’ve ever drank. College does things to people when it comes to caffeinated beverages!


Callie Leigh

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