Summertime To-Do Lists

hello, world.Now that it is summer, however, I have time to do whatever I please. Whatever I please currently includes several things: reading, writing, relaxing, watching all the shows I fell behind on during the academic year, and enjoying time at home with my family. I have also been doing some “summer cleaning,” which includes going through my mess of a closet, getting rid of things I no longer use, going through my mountains of books, and going through my jewelry.

The cleaning is nice, refreshing, and feels like the opportunity to make a new beginning this summer. Now, as nice as being home is, it is an equally weird feeling. I am used to being rather independent, always having time to just sit in my dorm room and listen to music while sipping a cup of tea and reading a book that isn’t required for a class I am taking. You would think I would have this time while at home. The problem (or blessing) is that I’m so busy trying to catch up with people I haven’t seen in months, and spending time with my mom, that I don’t have those five minutes of “me time.” I also miss my love and my friends more than you can imagine. Being home the first year after college is much weirder than I would have imagined. I almost feel like it causes a step back to happen, a step to the time before you were living on your own, before you decided what you wanted to eat, before you dressed how you wanted and didn’t have to hear any motherly comments about it. I love being home, but it feels a little uneasy because I miss my life at school, and the people who made each day wonderful. It’s funny because I say this link on Facebook a few months back that described the difference between a college freshman and a college senior, and one of the differences was summers at home. As a freshman, most people rush home, eager to see high school friends and return to old habits, whereas as a senior, people are often doing other things, working in another town, hanging out with the college crowd, etc. I am enjoying being home, and I like seeing the people I have spent 18 years with, but I definitely understand the pull to be in Moraga, back at Saint Mary’s with my friends and my SMC family.

I’m beginning to compile a list of things I would like to accomplish this summer, and so far I have the following:

1) Read 12 books on my reading list

2) Go on a hike

3) Swim in a lake or a pool, depending on convenience

4) Write a letter to a friend from Saint Mary’s

5) Take a lot of photos (for some reason I always have trouble with this)

6) Write something meaningful, and finish it

7) Consider what piece I plan to adapt for the play writing contest next March

8) Make a scrapbook of freshman year of college

So, there you go. Eight things I would like to accomplish before I return to Saint Mary’s August 18th. Now, I really should be cleaning out my closet, even though the task seems a bit daunting at the moment. Have a great Thursday everyone!


Callie Leigh

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